The Last Dimension

Darkotos 19492 (Level8:32:16)
fractal king 16839 (Kuiper Storm)
Darkotos 16212 (Level6:40:2)
fractal king 14647 (The Nature of Code)
SuperMX95 13022 (Chaos Theory)
fractal king 10954 (Chaos Theory)
foxybaer 10187 (Natural Logarithm)
Plaxarta 8902 (The Nature of Code)
foxybaer 8249 (FlakeGPT)
Karo Gaming 6169 (Natural Logarithm)

Mobile Game - The Last Dimension

Experience the beauty and complexity of fractals like never before with our new Android game, The Last Dimension.
With stunning graphics, smooth animation, and immersive sound, this game takes you on a mesmerizing journey through the infinite world of fractals.

As you explore the game's vibrant and colorful environments, you'll be treated to a pulsing soundtrack of techno beats that will keep you moving and grooving.
Whether you're a fan of fractals, electronic music, or both, you'll be captivated by the hypnotic sights and sounds of The Last Dimension.

But don't let the game's beauty and simplicity fool you - The Last Dimension is challenging and addictive.
With multiple levels, power-ups, and obstacles to overcome, you'll need quick reflexes and strategic thinking to survive and advance.

So why wait? Download The Last Dimension today and start exploring the infinite world of fractals and music. You won't be disappointed!

The Halloween Special 2017, 2020 & 2023: Play The Last Dimension on the 31st of October!

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